Multidisciplined Strategy

For our customers looking to leverage the latest in technology and be ahead of their competition, DataPlex consultants provide a wide range of technology strategy services, both for overall organizational assessment and for specific projects. Our teams are well-versed in the product development lifecycle.

Technology Strategy

Technology strategy covers a company's overall objectives, principles and processes relating to the technologies in use. Such strategies primarily focus on the technologies themselves and to various degrees the people who manage those technologies. Strategy is unique to each company and depends on its industry, its position in that industry, the current state of its product line, and where and how it sees itself at certain points in the future.

We help our customers define their technology strategy and then track metrics to quantify its effectiveness so that objective business decisions can be made with confidence. For increasing a company's "tech worth", we look at strategies that relate to changes in existing technology, the adoption of new technology, the efficiency of the company's spending on technology, how the company's employees and even their customers exploit technologies that create value, and the integration of technology-related decisions with the company's operating plans.

We offer two different forms of technology strategy consulting. One form is performing a general, overall technology assessment, analogous to a health check-up, which leads us to make a set of recommendations for adjustments within an organization's various departments.

A different strategy is employed when a company brings new products and services to market. Here, while the focus is narrower, it is also more intense, where many aspects of technology strategy and product development lifecycle kick into action.

Either way, DataPlex brings its experience to its customers to help them devise a clear and workable course of action, develop reasonable budgets and schedules for implementing change, and keep to them by monitoring progress and avoiding pitfalls.

Technology strategies include:

• AssessmentAssess current technology situation
• EnhancementsEnhance technological processes and abilities
• ConceptConceptualize product and "blue sky" features
• ResearchPerform pre-feasibility research and develop questions
• FeasibilityConduct market research and generate feasibility study
• PlanningPlan product design and begin to line up production resources
• DesignDesign product, typically resulting in a prototype
• TestingTest product in advance of production
• PatentsDevelop intellectual property and submit patent applications
• ProductionManufacture product, scaling and adjusting resources as needed
• DeploymentDeploy product to consumers or customers
• SupportSupport product while tracking user feedback for later enhancements

A combined top-down and bottom-up approach is often the optimum way for a group to devise a good plan. Once underway, the plan can be easily tweaked based on new information or even morphed into a whole new direction as might be necessitated by changes in the market or competitor landscape. Nimbleness is key.

Please feel free to drop us a note to discuss what we might be able to do for you.

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