Multidisciplined Strategy

Systems within companies evolve to keep up with new trends, government and industry compliance, mergers, and new product and service offerings. We develop custom enterprise solutions that take into account a company's organization, culture and workflow to make people more productive.

Enterprise Systems

We upgrade our customers' legacy systems, and we "push" appropriate parts of their systems to the web with commensurate levels of access, reliability and security. And we have a special tool we've created that will save you time and money.

Legacy Systems

That old legacy system that was developed years ago no longer cuts it. It only runs in-house, on only one type of operating system, heck, it isn't even connected to the web. Even if some parts of it could be exposed on the web, it really wouldn't make employees that much more efficient. Then, there are the big questions of speed, access and security.

Or your company was quick to embrace the web, and for a while it had a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, others have caught up and are using newer web technologies to now give them the edge. And let's not forget to mention new approaches to solving business problems such as Big Data analysis and AI.

Any of that sound familiar? We can help. We will architect, develop and implement a state-of-the-art IT system for you and help you propel to the forefront of your industry.

New Systems

We develop new enterprise systems using the latest system trends including making the new system highly web-centric and mobile. Our customers report significant improvements in productivity. We have experience with a number of platforms including AWS, Oracle, SalesForce, WordPress and SAS.

Our AmpUp Tool
AmpUp logo

We'll use our proprietary time-saving AmpUp enterprise tool to create your new enterprise system. AmpUp represents nearly one hundred years of corporate data systems experience, and is the descendant of earlier tools that have been used to singlehandedly create many long-running and highly-reliable enterprise platforms.

Cloud Computing

Depending on your situation, deploying on "the cloud" can offer increased reliability, scalability and resource availabilty for reduced cost and implementation time, and our AmpUp tool works in the cloud too. To learn more, explore our Exploring Cloud Computing article.

Massively Parallel & High-Performance Computing

For those demanding tasks, it is critical to select the right fundamental hardware that can do the job as well as scale up and down as needed for efficiency of both power and cost. Let our team be your guide.

Enhancement & Integration

Once we set your new enterprise system in place, as your strategist and developer, we will be able to extend it for whatever integration requirements or whatever market or industry changes come your way.

Think about dropping us a note to discuss what we might be able to do for you today. There is no obligation.

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