Case Study
Case Study
Case Study - 1 vs. 100 • Quick Tally • Endemol
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1 vs. 100 game show
1 vs. 100 Gameplay

DataPlex designed and operated the contestant voting system for a major U.S. television game show that aired on NBC. Called "1 vs. 100," it was the U.S. version of the popular Endemol property shown in 33 countries. Our work on this network show was contracted through Quick Tally Interactive Systems and is the subject of one of our past articles.

Several episodes of 1 vs. 100 had themes such as the Twelve Days of Christmas, a kid's version, Battle of the Sexes, and the Most Hated People in America comprised by meter maids, IRS agents, telemarketers and DMV employees. Several celebreties and other notables have appeared on the show.

1 vs. 100 handset
1 vs. 100 Handset

The U.S. version of 1 vs. 100 needed to meet the particular exacting standards of U.S. Television and the high expectations of its viewing audience. The voting system DataPlex designed, based on its Metadox product, not only processes the usual votes made by the 100 members of "the mob," but it also continuously monitors whether all of the voting handsets are working perfectly. It accomplishes this task by repeatedly testing the handsets and alerting the voting operator in the case of problem. The system has the unique feature of watching for votes that occur after the voting period closes to assuage complaints that the system missed any votes.

The system communicates with the show's custom-programmed graphics display system, opening and closing the voting period and indicating which mob members voted correctly and which ones voted incorrectly. At the end of every show, the system produces detailed electronic and printed hardcopies for the accounting department as well as a summary statistics report showing which mob members have answers the most number of questions correctly or have won the most amount of money.

One key aspect of the system not normally associated with traditional voting systems is the voter tracking subsystem which keeps a participant database, prints barcoded ID badges, and interfaces with portable barcode scanners to know where the participants are in the mob. Each mob position has it position barcode, and, after the mob has been loaded in, production assistants run through the rows scanning each position barcode and the respective mob member barcode. By using this process, the voting system has no problem with the show's director changing around the mob and catching errors in mob participation.

1 vs. 100 set
1 vs. 100 Set under Construction

DataPlex engineers developed the custom voting system to the show producer's exacting specification, supervised its installation, trained production assistants on badge registration and printing, worked with other show technicians to run a battery of tests, then operated the system for each and every show episode.

DataPlex enjoyed working with the Quick Tally, Endemol and 1 vs. 100 staff to help produce what has been called "the most technically complex television game show" ever created.

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