project development lifecycle

Often, for the sake of clarity, we break down project (product or service) development into ten distinct phases, some of which overlap and some which iterate by cycling back to earlier phases:

• ConceptConceptualize product/service and "blue sky" features
• ResearchPerform pre-feasibility research and develop questions
• FeasibilityConduct market research and generate feasibility study
• PlanningPlan product/service design and begin to line up development resources
• DesignDesign product/service, typically resulting in a prototype
• TestingTest product/service in advance of production or deployment
• PatentsDevelop intellectual property and submit patent applications
• ProductionManufacture product, scaling and adjusting resources as needed
• DeploymentPhased deployment of product/services to customers
• SupportSupport product while tracking user feedback for later enhancements

Find out some more details about how we use these project phases to implement technology strategy.

Watch a brief promotional movie featuring these phases.

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