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Metadox is a highly customizable line of DataPlex software applications for tabulating audience responses. Metadox applications work with virtually any kind of handheld device or network. Handheld devices include cellphones, tablets, and custom and third-party proprietary hardware. When Metadox is used to survey over intranets and the Internet, it uses standard but secure browser technology, and it is scalable for the number of participants and data connection bandwidths.

The Metadox line of products administer all aspects of a questionnaire or survey, from defining questions to instantly gauging results to exporting results to Microsoft Office™ applications such as PowerPoint™ and Excel™. Metadox supports a number of advanced features such as countdown timing, weighted voting (useful in conventions with representatives), fastest-finger (scores based on how quick the response), individual participant status monitors, large format scoreboard displays, and vote aggregation (combining votes from different sources at the same or different times).

Metadox is available both "off the shelf" and in custom versions for particular applications. Some examples of custom Metadox applications are:

We look forward to providing you with the best possible audience response system. Please contact us for pricing and availability information.

Metadox specifications datasheet.

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