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DataPlex's AmpUp "Rapid Enterprise Development" Platform offers a near-immediate way for IT departments and developers to deploy web-based applications, expose non-web applications to the web, or cost-effectively extend their enterprise systems to mobile devices.

DataPlex engineers are continuously tweaking AmpUp to be a state-of-the-art software system tool that leverages proven, powerful web and information processing technologies, yet is combined with many functional extensions that we know will save our customers time and money.

Using AmpUp as part of an enterprise systems improvement strategy reduces the amount of time to extend existing applications to the web and leads typically to cost savings of more than 50%. AmpUp deploys easily onto existing servers, then with appropriate security and firewalls it taps into existing database information to provide an instant web platform complete with data entry forms, report generation and search capabilities.

AmpUp can be used to create entirely new enterprise systems too. Here's a list of some of AmpUp's features. AmpUp:

  • Automatically taps into existing databases
  • Provides near-instantaneous web forms and reports
  • Automatically adjusts for iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Allows you to adjust and rearrange forms and reports
  • Enables static and dynamic field dropdown selection
  • Supports check boxes and radio buttons
  • Automatically provides data record navigation controls
  • Internally provides relational table logic even for non-relational databases
  • Supports a wide range of data types with corresponding validation logic
  • Validates data client-side, in browser
  • Has built-in search capabilities
  • Has a flexible menu structure
  • Supports a wide range of document formats for generating reports including Microsoft Office
  • Prevents the loss of newly entered data by taming browser navigation
  • Imports from and exports to external data
  • Operates under Linux, Unix, xBSD, Ubuntu and Windows
  • Allows for significant portability between different server platforms and cloud infrastructures
  • Leverages Apache, MySQL and PHP (that's the "Amp")
  • Supports other web and database servers such as IIS and SQL Server
  • Supports high-performance non-relational and document databases
  • Includes a number of built-in administration procedures for handling and supervising user access, performing maintenance and upgrades, and tracking system performance
  • Does not hinder and is unhindered by standard IT layers of security, multiple server configurations, data mirroring and load balancing

AmpUp is nimble and portable. It can be deployed onto Linux or Windows servers, onto cloud infrastructures, and DataPlex can even host the applications itself. It's really a matter of how your IT department would like to proceed and what is most cost effective.

Recent custom AmpUp applications include non-profit membership and fundraising systems, an electronic field reporting system for police departments, and a scheduling and workflow system for an ATM machine installation and repair company.

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