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Whether you are a customer, vendor, partner, our website in a great place for you to learn more about who we are, what we do and how we do it. We even provide some examples of our work.

Who we are…

From humble contract engineering beginnings, DataPlex has evolved to be an awesome technology partner for its customers. We are familiar with all phases of the product lifecycle including intellectual property protection and being able to advise on various options at different stages of the cycle. Over time, we have developed a number of tools that save our customers time and money, allowing us to work quickly yet accurately. As one example, our AmpUp™ platform allows us to rapidly implement an enterprise-wide database system in a fraction of the time than other developers.

We are a boutique hardware and software engineering firm whose associates have mastered a wide range of different engineering disciplines which we now routinely bring to bear to help our customers. We help evaluate technology-related proposals, implement and maintain systems, and develop new products and services. Our team of engineers, scientists and technicians routinely take on the challenges of wide range of tasks, from implementation core enterprise systems for multimillion companies to doing a number of smaller things too - helping small firms create attractive websites, develop custom applications, and assist start-ups with productizing their inventions.

What we do…

A sometimes overwhelming aspect of business today is the need to integrate disparate, complex and ever-changing technologies and combine their generally incompatible data. Existing systems are not always easily adaptable, and that is one area where we come in, to develop the "glue" and conversion processes to link systems together and combine their datasets. The resulting systems are better, faster and less expensive to maintain.

Once we have developed or adapted a product, a service or a system for a customer, we enjoy keeping it up-to-date and then also evolving it to make the business more profitable. Our "tech worth" review enables us to spot cost-effective opportunities that will improve workflow, streamline operations, and add a wealth of analytical tools, for example, for big data management, deep data mining and trend forecasting. It is a goal of ours to help our customers continuously monitor and interpret the technological landscape and reap it in cost-effective ways to keep them ahead of their competition.

How we do it…

We take our responsibilities seriously. We are consciously aware that our customers rely upon us, and we earn their loyalty by the professional ways in which we conduct ourselves, by being proactive, and by coming through for them consistently on time and within budget.

If you think our talents may be able to help you, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to our first chat.

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