News and Newsletters
News and Newsletters
News & Newsletters

We periodically publish our own original newsletters with articles covering topics that we think may be of interest to our customers. Our topics come from timely questions we are asked in our everyday work, so our articles tend to cover emerging trends of general technical interest.

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Newsletter, July 2012

Rapidly Deploying Business Systems
FRONDS - Fundraising Organization Network Data System
What Startups Should Know
Descanso Gardens • American Monorail Website
SpeedZone Scoreboard Displays
Newsletter, January 2011

The DataPlex Team Welcomes Mr. David Remba
New Office in Downtown LA • DataPlex Labs
Better Business Software • Real-World Enterprise
Quick Response Codes
Newsletter, June 2010

At the Crossroads of Enterprise, Mobile and the Cloud
Introducing AmpUp • Website Design and Smartphones (Part II)
New Website • Increase Your Tech Worth
Newsletter, January 2010

Exploring Cloud Computing • Website Design & Smartphones (Part I)
Android-based Smartphones • Dynaroll Corp. Website
PrefixSuffix iPhone App

Separate from our newsletters, we occasionally post individual news items in the "News" section of our blog such as when we complete a project or receive some recognition in the press.

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