About Us
About Us

DataPlex assists its customers with their technology strategy, the designing of new products, the creation of web services and the development of enterprise and mobile applications.

DataPlex satisfies technical needs by using sensible, cost-effective approaches that speed the development of new technology or extensions, then helps in securing the corresponding intellectual property. Its proprietary Increase your Tech Worth™ tool provides a novel approach for assessing where and how in an organization improvements in technology can be made for maximum advantage.

DataPlex is comprised by engineers, scientists and IT professionals who band together to form small, cohesive problem-solving teams that are more nimble, targeted and faster than its much larger consultancy counterparts. Team members are highly talented and multidisciplined professionals who, while they may be new to a particular industry, can end up revolutionizing it with groundbreaking improvements in technology. Read some of our case studies.

Besides providing consulting services, DataPlex also provides web hosting services and has its own commercial product offerings specific to enterprise systems and mobile applications. DataPlex licenses a number of its technology development tools including its AmpUp rapid enterprise development platform.

DataPlex is based in Southern California and has a worldwide client base.

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